Weddings & Honeymoon

Whether you’re renewing your vowels, celebrating an anniversary or ready to commit into holy matrimony, the  Kingdom of Tonga is the perfect place to host any special romantic occasion.


Tonga’s stunning private islands, remote beaches and boutique resorts promote tranquility and relaxation, which make this beautiful destination the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, don’t forget to let the place you are staying at know. Tongan people embrace romance and love within their culture and will do anything they can to make sure your holiday is extra special. This is the reason why honeymooners keep coming back each year to celebrate their anniversary.

Planning a Wedding

Marriage is a sacred union in the Tongan society, and all legal requirements are quite restrictive. Many of the island resorts offer Wedding Packages, to help cater for your wedding needs and make your day that extra bit special. Traditional weddings to beach weddings are offered by resorts, and can also be tailor made to suit your needs.

If you would like to plan a wedding in Tonga it is important that you know the legal requirements.

The following is required for NON-Tongan Passport holders intending to marry in Tonga and for NON-Tongan Passport holders who intend to marry Tongan nationals & Citizens in Tonga.

  1. Couples intending to get married in Tonga must reside in the country for at least one month before applying for a marriage license, (by consideration, at the Principal Immigration Officer’s discretion).
  2. Couples (both applicants) must write to the Principal Immigration Officer seeking permission to get married in Tonga. (Process usually takes up to 2-3days addressed to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PO Box 821, Salote Road, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga).
  3. A checklist can be obtained from the Immigration Office in Tonga which will list the number of documents required which includes the following:
    – 1 passport photo each and a photocopy of passports are required to be submitted with the application- Certified copies of birth certificates are required for both participant- If necessary, death certificate of spouse- If divorced, a copy of the Decree Absolute- An affidavit of no iediment to get married- An affidavit stating they have no criminal record- Application Fee (TOP345)

    – Affidavit can be done by a lawyer or by the Supreme Court.

More information can be obtained by contacting:

Immigration Division (under Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade)
Salote Road
Nuku’alofa, Tonga

Telephone:   (+676) 26969
Fax:   (+676) 26972



Tongatapu, known as the ‘Sacred South’, is the main island of Tonga and the launch pad for exploring many of the other islands that surround the Kingdom. Nuku’alofa, the capital of Tongaputa, and the hub for international arrivals, is located on the north coast, and is filled with long stretches of white beaches, charming cafes, and ancient churches. You may even see a few pigs roaming around if you’re lucky.


Hilly and covered in lush rainforest, ‘Eua’s combination of breathtaking beauty and rugged, idiosyncratic landscapes is the perfect destination for travelers. A concise seven-minute flight links Tongatapu to the island of ‘Eua on its southeastern tip, world’s shortest commercial airline flight.


If you’re looking for off-the-beaten-path experiences, then look no further then Ha’apai, a central island group consisting of 62 islands. Isolated, uninhabited and undiscovered, this tropical paradise is filled with shallow lagoons, deserted beaches, vibrant reefs, giant volcanoes and breaching whales. Travellers can fill in their day with endless activities such as hiking, snorkelling, kayaking or even horseriding along the white sandy beaches.


Truly unspoiled, this remote group of islands are dotted along the  Kingdom of Tonga, and offer year-round climate suitable for snorkelling, swimming, sailing and diving. Surrounded by crystal clear water, these 61 islands offer an abundance of activities in and out of the water. For those sailing around the South Pacific,  Neiafu, is a popular spot to dock your yacht, allowing you to explore more of  Vava’u Islands natural beauty.


Niuatoputao is a flat coral island situated furthest north within the Kingdom of Tonga. Located between Vava’u and Samoa, this ‘sacred island’ is mostly remote and underdeveloped with a noticeably warmer temperature than the other parts of the Kingdom, especially in the southern end.


Niufo’ou,  located about 100km west of  Niuatoputapu, is one of the world’s most remote islands. From a birds-eye view, this volcanic rimmed island could be compared to a floating donut.  The coastline is rocky and steep, with few black sandy beaches.  Niuafo’ou, together with  Tafahi  &  Niuatoputapu  island are referred to as the  Niuas.