If you’re looking to escape to an island paradise, get off the beaten track, rekindle your romance, or all of the above, Tonga is one of South Pacific’s unspoiled little gems. With a wide variety of accommodation, including guest houses, backpackers, hotels and resorts, scattered across many island, you really will be spoilt for choice.

There are many great places to stay in Tonga. Below are a few different options on how we can assist you further with accommodation.



Below is a list of accommodation options in Tonga. Choose from a range of resorts, lodges, apartments, guest houses + more.

Heilala Holiday Lodge

Enjoy a beach getaway on Tongatapu’s stunning coast. Located on the beautiful beaches of Ha’atafu and Kanokupolu, this popular beachside resort is a favourite amongst travellers visiting Tonga. More Info »

Matafonua Lodge

Peace and tranquilty await you at Matafouna Lodge. With deserted beaches, world-class snorkelling, warm climate and fantastic diving, a stay at this stunning resort, will make your holiday one to remember. More Info »

White Sands Beach Resort

Set on one of the best beaches in Tonga, White Sands Beach Resort is a great place for a romantic getaway, a fun trip with friends, or a place of pure relaxation.

Blue Lagoon Resort

If you’re seeking a tropical escape, this hidden gem is located in the heart of Vava’u Islands and offers many exciting experiences including a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity swimming with the whales. More Info »

The Hideaway

Located in ‘Eua on the waterfront surrounded by lush green trees, The Hideaway is the perfect resort to relax, unwind and enjoy the warm tropical settings that surround you. More Info »

The Royal Sunset Island Resort

Enjoy a relaxing tropical getaway at The Royal Sunset Island Resort. True to its name, this island resort offers the most unforgettable sunsets. Accommodation is either steps from the beach, or surrounded by lush tropical gardens. More Info »




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Tongatapu, known as the ‘Sacred South’, is the main island of Tonga and the launch pad for exploring many of the other islands that surround the Kingdom. Nuku’alofa, the capital of Tongaputa, and the hub for international arrivals, is located on the north coast, and is filled with long stretches of white beaches, charming cafes, and ancient churches. You may even see a few pigs roaming around if you’re lucky.


Hilly and covered in lush rainforest, ‘Eua’s combination of breathtaking beauty and rugged, idiosyncratic landscapes is the perfect destination for travelers. A concise seven-minute flight links Tongatapu to the island of ‘Eua on its southeastern tip, world’s shortest commercial airline flight.


If you’re looking for off-the-beaten-path experiences, then look no further then Ha’apai, a central island group consisting of 62 islands. Isolated, uninhabited and undiscovered, this tropical paradise is filled with shallow lagoons, deserted beaches, vibrant reefs, giant volcanoes and breaching whales. Travellers can fill in their day with endless activities such as hiking, snorkelling, kayaking or even horseriding along the white sandy beaches.


Truly unspoiled, this remote group of islands are dotted along the  Kingdom of Tonga, and offer year-round climate suitable for snorkelling, swimming, sailing and diving. Surrounded by crystal clear water, these 61 islands offer an abundance of activities in and out of the water. For those sailing around the South Pacific,  Neiafu, is a popular spot to dock your yacht, allowing you to explore more of  Vava’u Islands natural beauty.


Niuatoputao is a flat coral island situated furthest north within the Kingdom of Tonga. Located between Vava’u and Samoa, this ‘sacred island’ is mostly remote and underdeveloped with a noticeably warmer temperature than the other parts of the Kingdom, especially in the southern end.


Niufo’ou,  located about 100km west of  Niuatoputapu, is one of the world’s most remote islands. From a birds-eye view, this volcanic rimmed island could be compared to a floating donut.  The coastline is rocky and steep, with few black sandy beaches.  Niuafo’ou, together with  Tafahi  &  Niuatoputapu  island are referred to as the  Niuas.