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Tongatapu – Highlights

  • Nuku’alofa – Capital of Tonga
  • Mu’a – Second largest town in Tongatapu. Site of the ancient burial mounds and the Paepae ‘o Tele’a Tombs.
  • Langi – Tombs of Tongan kings
  • Mapu ‘a Vaea – Blow holes in the coral reef on the south-western side
  • Hufangalupe – Natural land bridge on the south eastern side of Tongatapu
  • Pangaimotu – Small resort island close to Nuku’alofa
  • Flying Fox Preserve – Located in Kolovai in the western district
  • Ha’amonga ‘a Maui – Trilithon
  • Nukuleka – possibly the site of first human settlement in Tonga
  • Tupou College – first educational establishment in the kingdom located in the eastern district of Tongatapu near Malapo

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