VIII. eTickets

  1. No person will be entitled to transportation except if they have a valid reservation and upon presentation of a valid eTicket or photo identification. Such eTicket entitles the passenger to transportation only between points of origin and destination and via the routing designated thereon.
  2. eTickets will be honored only in the order in which they are issued and only if all unused flight and passenger eTickets are presented together.
  3. An eTicket which has been altered or improperly issued is not valid.
  4. eTickets are transferable. A fee may be charged to change the name on an eTicket.

IX. eTicket Validity

  1. Except as provided in a paragraph below, an eTicket will be valid for transportation on the specific flight for which it was booked.
  2. Extension – If the passenger is unable to commence or continue travel due to personal illness, physical incapacity, or the illness or physical incapacity or death of a member of the passenger’s immediate family or of an associate with whom he or she is traveling, Real Tonga will rebook the ticket but to limit the time of booking to 30 days past the original booking date. The illness or incapacity or death must be certified in writing by a physician, specifying that the passenger is prevented from completing the original journey because of such circumstances. The certificate must be surrendered to Real Tonga and the eTicket and all coupons affected must be approved by Real Tonga to indicate that an extension has been granted.  Some Real Tonga fares do not permit rebooking due to medical reasons and it is the passengers responsibility to read and accept the conditions of the fare they select to purchase.

X. Issuance Of Ticket Stock

The Real Tonga on-line reservation system utilizes eTickets and as such does not issue ticket stock. 

XI. Confirmation Of Reservations

A reservation of space on a given flight is valid when the availability and allocation of such space is reflected in Real Tonga’s reservations system. A valid eTicket and a confirmation number are issued indicating such confirmed space, provided the passenger applies for such eTicket at least 60 minutes before scheduled departure time of the flight. Where other rules contained herein provide for issuance, validation, or purchase of a eTicket more than 60 minutes before scheduled departure time, such rule(s) will apply. Such reservation is subject to cancellation if the passenger does not check-in at the departure gate at least 30 minutes before scheduled departure.

XII. Cancellation Of Reservations

    1. Real Tonga may cancel reservations of any passenger when necessary to comply with any governmental regulation or request for emergency transportation in connection with the national defense, or when necessary or advisable by reason of weather or other conditions beyond Real Tonga’s control.
    2. If a passenger fails to occupy space which has been reserved for him/her on a flight and Real Tonga fails to receive notice of the cancellation of the reservation within the time limits specified in the applicable fare rules.
    3. Real Tonga may cancel the reservations of any passenger who fails to present him/herself for check-in at the departure gate at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight for which the reservation was made.
    4. Intentionally Blank
    5. Real Tonga is not liable when it cancels the reservation of any passenger in accordance with this rule, but if the reservation was canceled pursuant to paragraph 1 above, Real Tonga will credit, in full without penalty, the entire amount to the passenger’s credit file. If the reservation was canceled pursuant to other paragraphs of this rule, and if the conditions of the fare paid permit,  Real Tonga will credit the passenger’s credit file minus the applicable fee as described in the conditions of the fare paid.
    6. Real Tonga will refund passenger tickets according to the tariff conditions of the particular fare purchased.  Details of these tariffs may be found on the Real Tonga web site . The credit file is applied directly and automatically to future reservations made by the passenger. The credit in the credit file will expire one year from the date the reservation was made.

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