• Refusal to allow search of passenger or property: When permission to search of his/her person or property for explosives or a concealed, deadly or dangerous weapon/article is not granted.
  • Refusal to provide positive proof of identification: When request to provide identification is refused. Real Tonga has the right to require positive identification of persons purchasing eTickets and/or presenting an eTicket to board an aircraft. Passengers must have photo identification and a reservation to board a Real Tonga Aircraft
  • Passenger who is traveling across any international boundary if:
    1. The travel documents of such passenger are not in order.
    2. For any reason, such passenger’s embarkation from, transit through, or entry into, any country from, through, or to which such passenger desires transportation would be unlawful.
  • Failure or refusal to comply with Real Tonga rules and regulations.
  • V. Electronic Surveillance

    Passengers and their baggage are subject to inspection with an electronic detector with or without the passenger’s consent

    VI. Acceptance Of Children

    1. Accompanied: Children under 12 years of age are accepted for transportation when accompanied on the same flight by a passenger at least 12 years of age.
    2. Unaccompanied: Children under 12 years not accompanied by a passenger at least 12 years of age are accepted for transportation only under the following conditions:
      1. Under 5 years – not at all
      2. 6 through 11 – On-line transportation when accompanied on the same flight by a passenger at least 12 years of age.
    3. Interline transfers must be pre-arranged through Traveler’s Aid or other similar service at passenger’s expense.
    4. Acceptable children must be brought to the airport of departure by a parent or responsible adult who remains with the child until en-planed and who must furnish Real Tonga with satisfactory evidence that the child will be met by another parent or responsible party upon deplaning at destination.
    5. An “Unaccompanied Minor” form will be completed by such originating adult. This form will be a multi-copy form. The original will travel with the child, a copy will be retained with the original manifest, and a copy will be prepared for each connecting carrier in case of interline transportation.
    6. Real Tonga will assume no financial or guardianship responsibility for unaccompanied children beyond those applicable to an adult passenger.

    VII. Claims

      1. Time limitations – No action will be initiated/maintained for any loss of, damage to, or delay in the delivery of any property or baggage, or on any other claim (excepting personal injury or death), arising out of or in connection with transportation of, or failure to transport any passenger, property, or baggage unless the claim is presented In writing to an office of Real Tonga or, in the case of interline transportation, to the carrier alleged to be responsible therefore within 24 hours after the alleged occurrence of the events giving rise to the claim, and/or notice and proof of loss is presented in writing to an office of Real Tonga within 45 days after the alleged occurrence of events giving rise to the claim, and unless the action is initiated within a one year after such alleged occurrence. Any written notification received by the carrier within 45 days which clearly indicates the nature of the claim is sufficient to meet the requirements for timely notice. Failure to give the above notice will not invalidate a claim if the claimant can show good cause for his/her failure to bring claim within 45 days.
      2. Overcharge – No claims for overcharge shall be valid and no action shall be maintained thereon more than one year after the date of sale of the eTicket, unless such claim or action is accompanied by the passenger copy of said eTicket.

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