I. General

  1. These rules constitute the conditions upon which Real Tonga transports the passenger and are expressly agreed to by the passenger.
  2. Transportation is subject to the rules, fares, and charges in effect on the date on which such travel was purchased. If, after the eTicket has been purchased and before any portion has been used, an increase or decrease in the fares or charges applicable to the transportation covered by the eTicket does not effect the price originally paid for the eTicket, no increase or decrease will be collected from or refunded to, the passenger.
  3. Real Tonga will be responsible for the furnishing of transportation only over its own transport network. When Real Tonga undertakes to issue an eTicket, check baggage, or make any other arrangements for transportation over the lines of any other carrier, Real Tonga will act only as agent for the other carrier and will assume no responsibility for the acts or omissions of such other carrier.
  4. No agent/servant/representative of Real Tonga has authority to alter/modify/waive any provision of this contract of carriage unless authorized, in writing, by a Real Tonga corporate officer.

II. Definitions

    1. Air Traffic Conference: (ATC) and or IATA, is the division of the Air Transport Association that is responsible for coordinating interline operations and agreements between carriers, tour wholesalers, and travel agents.
    2. Animals: In addition to the usual connotation, animals include reptiles, birds, poultry and fish.
    3. Applicable Fare: Means the fare which would be applicable to an adult/child/infant for the transportation to be used except those special fares which would be applicable due to the passenger’s status, such as senior citizens, military , students, etc..
    4. Days: Full calendar days, including Sunday and legal holidays; provided that for the purposes of notification, the balance of the days upon which notice is dispatched shall not be counted; and that for purposes of determining duration of validity, the balance of the day upon which the eTicket is issued or flight commenced shall not be counted.
    5. Dependent: Unless otherwise indicated, means spouse and children of military personnel/embassy personnel wholly dependent upon such personnel for their livelihood.
    6. Hazardous Materials Regulations: The Hazardous Materials Regulations issued by IATA
    7. Group: The minimum number of passengers specified in conjunction with the fare as provided for in the applicable fare rules. Less than the minimum number of passengers may travel at group fares, upon cancellation and payment of the applicable charges as defined in “eTicket Cancellation” rules.
    8. Group Organizer: Any person engaged in organizing groups and/or responsible for the travel arrangements of the group under the terms and conditions of the applicable rule except that an air carrier shall not act as a group organizer.
    9. Immediate Family: Spouse, children, stepchildren, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, brothers, stepbrothers, sisters, stepsisters, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, parents, stepparents, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, and grandparents.
    10. Interline: Means any air transportation which involves carriage via two or more carriers using different two-letter OAG designators.
    11. Maximum Outside Linear Dimension The greatest outside length represented by the sum of width, length and height.
    12. Off-Peak Travel: Means the service of flights in the Real Tonga official schedule designated as off-peak.
    13. On-line: Means air transportation wholly on the same carrier or, in case of substitute service carrier under the same two-letter OAG designator.

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